New SOTBMusic: @SinitusTempo - Lucid Dreams

Just when you think that 2017 will be nothing but Orlando Brown entering in rap beef he doesn't even belong in (although spitting a dope couple of lines at Soulja) and rehashes of 2016 stylings, in comes Sinitus Tempo with his Lucid Dreams project. As I've said several times, Sinitus Tempo knows his way around the boards, crafting jazzy and sample-heavy instrumentals that still feel timeless versus, well, rehashes of older works. This project is no different and features some smooth production that allows his featured artists to weave some pretty introspective rhymes. Additionally, the project gives you a sense of lucidity, as the title'd suggest. While it's pretty dreamy, the messages spread throughout are things that need to be taken into consideration outside of the dream world.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with beef bars and trap rap, sometimes it's nice to get something more substantial from the other side. So, if you need some lush production that brings up memories of Dilla and other DITC pioneers, look no further. If you're here just to hear the trap bars, still give it a shot and--who knows--you may find yourself just as invested. Check out Lucid Dreams below and be sure to, if you're rocking with it, support Sinitus Tempo by copping a copy.

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