New SOTBMusic: @rmean x Emilio Rojas - "Oh What a Feeling"

I'll be the first to admit that I've slept on R-Mean over the years. It's not because he's not dope or whatever. It's more so that this new era has been bountiful with great music (yes, even among all of the "mumble bars"). I've heard his name and rocked with some tracks. But, I never became a devout fan of his. My bad. It happens.

So, when I saw this track, I gave it a listen, expecting some pretty solid work. What I got was that and more. The beat, dream-like in its presentation, allows R-Mean and Emilio Rojas to release positivity, dreams of their own, and all that "let's get ours" energy without resorting to many of the tropes those songs tend to envelop. Check it out below and don't be like me. Don't sleep on R-Mean's music, even if it's an unintentional sleep.

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