New SOTBMusic: @NoFaceRapper - Wintercoat EP

A very introspective project over some dope instrumentation, VA artist NoFace, Rapper jumps onto the scene with his Wintercoat EP project. I'm a sucker for introspective, emotional bars (listen to most of my music, shameless plug, and you'll see what I mean), so when this artist popped up on my "XYZ just followed you" notifications, I followed back based on what I'd heard about him previously, and decided to check out the project. The project touches on a lot of emotions and topics, including father figures and loss. Overall, it's something that hits your soul and makes you want to hear more from the artist. That, my friends, is great in these days. Why? Well, many artists either do one or the other and a lot don't mix the two so fluidly.

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