New SOTBMusic: @NatureBoiMusic - Nature Robinson

I'm late on this one. Sorry Nature. But, this goes in for so many reasons. The main reason is that it gives zero fucks. And that freedom gives us some anthem-worthy music that still has lyrically dope moments. Featuring DMV brothers Brain Rapp, Ezko, folks like Charlie Too Much (I see you bruhman) and others, Nature Robinson is the turnt-up answer to last year's SPRNTRL. That's probably the best way to describe it without giving too much away.

If you liked the turnt moments of SPRNTRL but wanted a further evolution, this one's for you. It takes itself seriously as hell while still being fun and fresh. For instance, take the kind of goofy moments in the track "Doritos and Ledos." It's a borderline absurdist track. But, because of the absurdity of spreading cheese like Ledos, for instance, it provides a refreshing take on the turnt hip-hop you hear everywhere else. Check it out below and support the DMV (both the group and the area).

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