New SOTBMusic: @JarrenBenton - "Jealous of Drake"

I'm sure that folks will think this is a diss, mainly because of the cover. People will see the cover and say "oh damn Jarren Benton calling Drake a bitch" without even getting into the track. But, aside from that, let's get into it. Why? Because that's what I do. So, Jarren Benton tells us that he's "jealous of Drake because he stuck his dick in J Lo," which is real. Drake gets some "bad chicks" on the random it seems. Many men are probably like "Damn, Drizzy. Leave some 'bad chicks' for the rest of us (lulz)."

But, after that line, Benton just proceeds to spaz about the industry, hip-hop, police, the trap, and pretty much anything and everything. I'm rocking with the production on this one especially. Overall, it's a dope freestyle that'll get people listening because of the title (which is smart).

Check it out below.

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