New SOTBMusic from @JColeNC, @YourOldDroog and @GoodbyeTomorrow - The Catch-Up

So, this weekend, we got new J. Cole and new...Soulja Boy. The best and worst of both worlds. At least Soulja Boy has something resembling a flow now...I guess, even if his production skills still seem to be stuck on novice FL user, circa 2007. I'm sorry, Soulja. I respect the fact that you're pretty much self-made, but the bars are lacking and the beats are typically the same way. Shrug. Good luck in that Chris Brown fight.

But, back to this new Cole. Still on his woke shit (not a diss, just a statement of truth), Cole speaks on the hypocrisy of the American psyche, Obama, ways to get improvement for the situations we're in, and overall just speaks some real talk.

Your Old Droog, however, goes a bit grittier in his way to get change. In "GKAC," the New Yorker who still has people thinking he's Nas (for whatever reason), tells the story of a man who killed a cop. Why? Because he thought it was the way to go. The storytelling on this one is dope, and reminds me of something Nas would've put out.

Now, I've probably lost my underground card for not knowing much about Chicago's Goodbye Tomorrow. But, "Flexin Wavin" is a track that seems destined to make people pay attention if they haven't already. It's in your face and pretty straight-forward, but whoever Goodbye Tomorrow is, they've got my attention.

Now, I'm not HNHH. I'm pretty much a one-man show for the most part. So, I know I've missed some releases (for instance, that new WizKid/Drake track). But, I'll highlight what hits my ears and makes me say "damn" for one reason or another. These are three tracks that made me say that. 

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