New SOTBMusic: @DoloMoretti410 - My Mojo So Dolo

We've all gotta start somewhere.

DMV native Dolo Moretti recently dropped My Mojo So Dolo, a nine-track project in which the artist who possesses a Bizzy Bone-esque delivery gives us some smoker vibes. But, there's a deeper truth to it outside of just smoker vibes and stripper-friendly, bass-heavy tracks. There's a sense of throwback "just gotta make it or else" within these tracks. That's apparent even when the songs go through familiar tropes.

Now, Dolo's sing-songy approach may not be for everyone (that's the case with a lot of sing-songy rappers). It feels like he's still working out a few kinks and fully discovering his range. That should come with more experimentation. Plus, there are a few moments where you can still hear vocal tags (sadly, that pops up on "My Glo," a track that otherwise would've been a favorite). But, those who give it a listen may find themselves singing along with tracks like "In the Mood" or "More I Climb." Check it out below and be sure to support dope indie jams if you're feeling them.

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