New SOTBMusic: @Currensy_Spitta: Andretti 12/30

While 2016 ended off pretty strangely, one thing is for certain. New Orleans legend Curren$y put in work in the past year. Aside from folks like Gucci and a few indie artists, not too many artists had a work ethic like him. Dropping mixtapes for every month (and some in-between), the rapper's last 2016 effort, Andretti 12/30, is no different. 

The twelve-track project features production from frequent collaborators Cool & Dre and Purpz of 808 Mafia. The music itself is what you'd expect from Curren$y. Booming, yet classy and soulful, instrumentals lay the road for Spitta to speak his game about life, chilling, keeping his pimp hand strong, etc. However, just like every tape before it, the production or the subject matter never feels stale or rehashed. That's probably because Curren$y's "lemme talk to you for a second" flow allows you to take in the game he's putting down versus just marveling at the cars, the dope, and the women.

Highlights of the project include...well, not to sound like a stan, but the entire project. Everything flows so effortlessly from one funky ride to the next. It's so smooth, but still so lyrically dense. All of Curren$y's strengths (storytelling, flow, etc.) come to play and factor into making this one a very, very late contender for people's "Let's Revisit 2016" lists.

Anyway, stream the project below.

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