Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Set to Duke It Out...No, Really

File this one under "nigga, what?"

Per the folks over at BlackSportsOnline (per ESPN), Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have signed on to have a three-round boxing match with each other. While this is a great alternative to pulling out the Draco and hammering it out in the streets, it takes me back to the days where you'd see Todd Bridges and Vanilla Ice doing their best Brawl for All impersonations. It's going to be a trainwreck.

But, count me in to see how batshit insane it'll turn out. Again, I'd rather see them try to Creed each other than try to C-Murder each other. We all know that Chris can throw a sneaky little punch. Soulja Boy's apparently being trained by Floyd Mayweather (lulz). And, it's a real thing. So, I may not agree with how this is going down (as seen by my first sentence). But, if it's going down, they might as well go all out. I mean, publicity stunts have to be batshit insane for them to truly have a lasting impact...right?

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