@ArianaGrande to Appear in Final Fantasy Game

Photo Credit: Berisik Radio.com - Flickr

In a scene straight out of 1980s/1990s anime lore (look it up), Ariana Grande recently announced that she's going to appear in Square Enix's Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius mobile RPG. I've given FFBE a couple runs. While it's not my cup of tea when it comes to mobile RPGs (I came up on the Zenonia stuff and [legal-ish] ISOs of PSP games I owned), it's a solid enough effort. It's a bit strange, for me, to visualize the "Dangerous Woman" in an RPG, J or otherwise. But, if entire J-Pop groups could be formed around the premise of singing in-character, I'm down for the expansion of something I love.

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Who knows? This could be the bridge Square Enix needs to rebreach the Western market on FFVII levels. I mean, XV is great and all, but...yeah. They need more than one homer in the game these days. Anyway, good luck to the SE team and Ms. Grande (see, Arianators. I don't hate your idol). Hopefully, Ariana's avatar isn't OP AF.

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