(Not A) SOTBMusic Review: @abdashsoul - DWTW

Too many releases today. I'm gonna go broke collecting everything. Well, not really, but the point is this: December 9th is a dope-ass day to be a music fan. On top of new Cole, CH, and everyone else dropping today, we get some new Ab-Soul. The "Black-Lipped Bastard" came out swinging on everyone and everything on this one with haymakers and he hits on every single one of them. From tracks like "Braille" to "Threatening Nature" to the previously-released "D.R.U.G.S.," Ab-Soul has released his TPAB in a lot of ways. This is a project that people will go back and say "well, shit. This was the moment when everyone realized what they'd awakened in this artist." To say that, for me, DWTW is Soul's best project, is an understatement. He pulled out all the stops on this one.

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