New (To Me) SOTBMusic: @TheWeeknd - "Crew Love (Demo)"

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Now, "Crew Love" was one of my favorite tracks off of Take Care. Five years later, the Drake-less version of the track (finally) surfaces. It kinda feels like it could've fit pretty well on Starboy, with its bounciness and slinky, dirty bass. Plus, any new Weeknd is a great thing for the world in my humble, biased opinion. Overall, I'm feeling this version a bit more than the Drake one. That's not because "oh, it's The Weeknd." But, The Weeknd felt a bit more at home on the full demo than Drake probably would've. Either way, the track (the demo and the finished product) both rock and take me back to those OVOXO days. Shoutout for posting this originally.

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