New (To Me) Music: @CurrenSy_spitta - The Carrollton Heist Remix

I'm a Curren$y fan, back to the Lil' Wayne days. Shoutout to my homie Shannon for putting me back onto Spitta. If you find a woman who can bring new music into your life like this, keep her around, even as just a friend. Shoutouts and potential ego-boosting aside, any new Curren$y--even if it's a remix album--gets my attention. The Carrollton Heist Remix features new production work from the likes of Knxwledge and Earl Sweatshirt and gives the originally-Alchemist led project a new life. Alchemist even pops back up on the "Drowsy Remix," to bring things full-circle. The production on this remix album's dope as hell and perfectly complements Curren$y's flows and lyrics. So, if you haven't heard anything from Curren$y recently, this is a pretty good place to start. And once you're done, go back and check everything else he's put out this year to see what a ton of dedication can do for you and your fanbase.

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