New Music: @donaldglover - "Me and Your Mama"

Remember when I spoke about Childish Gambino and how his 2013 project,
Because the Internet, was overlooked because it was somewhat before its time and was in-depth as hell? Well, it looks like Gambino, this time around, heard that and said "Stop sleeping. Let's go deeper." On his new track, "Me and Your Mama," Gambino goes from ethereal to in-your-face soul rock to ethereal blues rap-like vibes again without breaking so much as a sweat. The track is definitely different from what we've heard from Gambino, but then? Not so much. We've always seen Gambino play with genres and sounds to create audio landscapes that are as beautiful as they are chilling in their presentation. If this is any indication, Gambino's new project, due out in early December, is the one that'll make the world take notice of his musical force. If Gambino isn't in your playlists by now, you've definitely got to stop sleeping on the brother's music.

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