An Interview with @KinkKult Founder Princess (@KinkKultress)

Kink. An often-misunderstood word and lifestyle. In an effort to raise awareness for things (and in support of the opposition to California's Prop 60, even though I can't vote in CA), I set out to interview Kink Kult founder Princess in regards to kink, her brand, healthy sexual awareness and sexual safety. My apologies for this one being so late in the game, as I'd promised it in June. That's my bad. But, without any further delay, let's get into it. Responses are in normal font

SOTB: I guess proper introductions are in order. For those unaware, can you introduce yourself?

Princess: Hi! I'm Princess! [I'm the] designer, owner & creator of Kink Kult. I tend to call myself the "Kink Kultress."

SOTB: So, if someone came to you, asking "what is Kink Kult," how would you respond to them?

Princess: Kink Kult is a sex positive & feminist clothing line. It is a positive response to the negativity that adult industry workers & sexually liberated women face. Each clothing piece is inspired by the negativity I face as a sexually liberated woman and adult industry worker.

SOTB: And to follow up on the previous question, where did the idea come from?

Princess: The idea started back when I took a break from the adult industry and was finishing school for graphic & web design. It started off as a joke! I posted a Facebook status about making a shirt for all my adult industry worker friends who were constantly put down by those who claimed that they were "too good" to "sell their body." The people who say they won’t do what we do because they have "morals."

In reality, everybody has their own set of standards and morals they choose to live by in life. Just because you wouldn't work in the adult industry it doesn't mean you get to dictate how somebody would be treated.

The first shirt design was "Morals Do Not Pay the Bills." It was created to poke fun at those who felt they were above adult industry workers because they had "morals." It’s a response to: "I wouldn't do what you do because I have 'morals.'"

SOTB: How can someone become involved in the movement?

Princess: Speak up! Stand up for the women who are slut shamed for having a high sex drive. Stand up for the women who work in the adult industry and are slut shamed and degraded.

Let people know that just because a woman loves casual sex or works in the adult industry it doesn't give anybody the right to disrespect them. As for joining the Kink Kult movement, I am looking into creating a street team. Maybe some free downloads from the website to get started. 

SOTB: A big part of Kink Kult seems to be the Krate subscription. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but if this is the case, what does the Kink Krate subscription entail?

Princess: I think the big part of Kink Kult is the clothing, the designs are cute and sassy! They're not exactly safe for work, as some of them have "inappropriate" language, like the "Fuckboy Slayer" [pieces].

But, there are some that are can be worn without catching too much attention. For example the "Kink Kandy" Tee, it has pastel conversation hearts with the word “Kinky."

As far as the Kink Krate goes: It is a subscription box that features a new theme every month. I work really hard on the subscription boxes, most subscription boxes for lingerie & adult toys range from $60-$100 a month. I wanted to create something that was affordable with great quality products! [Many times, some of the] proceeds [from Krate subscriptions are even] donated to a non profit organization.

SOTB: On the site, you also showcase Kink Girls and Eyegasms (Artists) of the Month. Can you explain a bit more about both what each of these honors mean and the process one'd go through to submit and/or get selected?

Princess: Kink Girl of the Month is a promo/advertising spot for adult industry workers. The idea behind it is to help the featured girl’s content to sell. There are plenty of pages that promote cam girls, however, it always seems like they want something in return. 

I wanted to create something different. I wanted to feature a different girl every 30 days, in hopes of getting her content to sell. I don’t require any payment or any promos to the site. I do this because, as a business that’s dedicated to being sex positive, it felt like the right thing to do! 

The submissions are based off of first come, first serve, you HAVE to be active. If you're not actively working in the industry, how can I help promote your content? That just takes the opportunity away from an active girl who wants to showcase her work, and that’s not fair. Because I am booked for Kink Girl of the Month, on my social media pages I have also created "Fetish Friday." Featuring a new clip and girl every week!

Eyegasms, artist of the month, is kind of the same. I showcase artists who create erotic art!

SOTB: Hopefully, my next question doesn't come off as sexist or anything. My apologies if it does border on that line. But, do you feel it's harder or easier running a site like this being a woman versus a guy who "thinks" they understand from a woman's perspective?

Princess: A little of both? I noticed that, I do have amazing support from the women who work in the adult industry. I am so grateful for that and for the most part this is a positive online community!

But because this is a sex positive, intersectional feminist business, ran by a woman, there is a lot of hate I get on a daily basis. Even if the majority of the time I am promoting a clip or a girl, I still get hate. I doubt the other promo pages, ran by men, get showered in hate as much as I do. 

Most of the time, if I am trying to make a positive point about an issue it’s always somebody who feels the need to say "Actually, you mean…," "No, that’s not right…," "I hate to mansplain, but…," and so on.
Literally, who asked you? Why would you insert your negative opinion on something that is positive? I used to respond, but now? I am blocking and moving on!

SOTB: How do you feel Kink Kult is helping to battle misconceptions people have about both kink and sex in general?

Princess: I believe by actively speaking out through social media has helped a lot. My messages are flooded with women thanking me for speaking out on things that most people wouldn’t speak out on, or just choose to ignore.

When I started Kink Kult, I wanted it to be much more than just a clothing line, I wanted it to be a positive response to the misconceptions of BDSM & sex. I plan on writing more blog posts about BDSM & safe sex in the future.

As an adult industry worker, I myself, have been very opened about working in the adult industry. I didn't want to hide it anymore, I wanted to be the voice for those who have been silenced. 

There are people who work in the adult industry who have to keep it a secret because of their family, jobs & other personal matters. I wanted to speak up for them, I wanted to say what they can not say due to putting their personal lives at risk. 

Through Kink Kult, I hope people will start opening their minds more about adult industry workers and sexually liberated women. I can’t change everybody, but, if I can change one person’s view, then it’s a start!

SOTB: What are you thoughts about folks who, when they see sex, they instantaneously want to start throwing their noses in the air? I know you touched on it a bit in the backstory/about section of the site. 

Princess: It's pretty messed up how people like that enjoy sex behind closed doors, but when somebody openly enjoys it, it's wrong? Let that go! At the end of the day it’s not harming you.

SOTB: I know we discussed how people can get involved in the movement earlier on. But, partnerships and advertising for and/or with Kink Kult. How could someone go about doing that? Or are you good on that side of things at the moment?

Princess: There are advertising spots on the website available for purchase. As far as somebody goes for wanting to promote Kink Kult, as like a street team, I'm thinking about creating some online stuff that will be available for purchase. Maybe even a street team sticker and pin set.

SOTB: Seeing that Kink Kult is your baby, would you ever let someone else handle the day-to-day or will it forever be a one-woman-ran operation?

Princess: Right now, I only trust myself. I'm a very independent person and prefer to do things by myself, as there are things I want to be done in a certain way and look a certain way. It would be a very long time before I add somebody else to the team.

Right now, I'm in my baby stage. [So, I've] got to give it some more time to grow before I can add other people to the team.

SOTB: So, kind of switching gears. Who are some of your favorite kink models? I ask because I know that some of my readers are looking to expand their horizons with regards to folks they follow. Again, hopefully that didn't come off awkwardly. 

Princess: Mosh has always been one of my favorites growing up! Along with Masuimi Max and Skin Diamond. 

SOTB: Additionally, if someone wanted to get into kink--or further their knowledge--where would you send them? I know, obviously, you'd have them check out the Kink Kult blog (shameless plug). But, what are some other resources?

Princess: I love the Pleasure Chest! They are an adult store located in West Hollywood, and their blog has some great information including BDSM tips. I also really enjoy The Stockroom's monthly classes. Those are great! I believe they have a professional Dom/Domina to teach certain classes.

SOTB: Alright, winding down. How can people reach out to you and the Kink Kult movement?

Princess: The website is a great start:
Here’re the social media pages as well: 

I'm going to look into making stickers and other packs for a possible street team.

SOTB: Do you have any parting words for the readers, fans, detractors--pretty much anyone?

Please, please speak up for those who are discriminated and degraded for being sexually liberated and working in the industry. Realize that being involve with casual sex or the adult industry work doesn't dictate how we should be treated.

Oh and Fifty Shades isn't real BDSM. :)

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