@OMG_ItsKhairy's Five Reasons to Check Out Dragon Ball Super

Remember your childhood? Remember running home after school and busting through the door to turn the TV on? Remember how it felt watching Tom boot up the ship and hearing the (in)famous "last time on Dragon Ball Z" line uttered by Kyle Hebert?

Well, fans rejoice because the show that gave us so many glorious moments has returned. Well, it's been back for over a year now. But, not everyone has hopped back on the DBZ train. If you haven't (I don't know why you wouldn't), here are 5 reasons why you should be watching Dragon Ball Super.

5. Better Pacing

How many of you remember watching Goku go Super Saiyan 3 for the first time? Remember how hype it felt? How we sat and watched him yell…and yell…and yell some more? Yeah, nostalgia tends to hide the fact that DBZ had some pretty drawn out moments. Well, that's all changed.

Dragon Ball Super has way better pacing than Dragon Ball Z. Gone are the episode long screaming battles or the dramatic stare downs that tend to take up minutes that could be used for fighting. Super drops the prolonging and ups the action. A minor fix that helps the product in a major way.

4. New Characters

Dragon Ball Super is currently 62 episodes into the series. While the first 29 of those episodes are essentially remixed versions of the latest movies, the series still has brough us some very cool characters, from Jaco the Patrolman to Beerus the Destroyer.

What makes Super so cool is that they have already given us some unique fan favorite characters. In the Universal Tournament Arc we were introduced to two very cool characters, Cabba and Hitt. The first is a Saiyan from Universe 6, while Hitt is a time-freezing assasin. Both are great additions to the character lineup.

The most interesting character is, by far, Goku Black. The evil counterpart to our orange and blue hero. From his color scheme to his fighting style, Black is already a much loved villain. Super is giving us quality characters to live again.

3. Akira Toriyama’s Baby

Dragon Ball is the masterpiece of anime genius Akira Toriyama. He's the original creator and designer. He gave us the greatness that is DB and DBZ and has returned to give us Super.

Now I know you thinking, “why is that such a big deal?" Well, the last Dragon Ball series we got was Dragon Ball GT. Akira had nothing to do with that show outside of some concept designs and we all know how that turned out. I still have nightmares about Vegeta in leather pants.

Dragon Ball Super is the opposite. Toriyama is completely hands on with this series. Every arc is hand crafted from his mind as well as the character designs. It's truly his baby and I'm happy he's blessed us with it.

2. Already better than GT

Dragon Ball GT is something we all would like to forget. Vegeta in leather pants, Trunks in cargo shorts, Pan being just…awful. GT was just plain bad. While it did have its good moments (can't think of any...I'm sure it had one though), the Dragon Ball fan base dubs it a failure. Super looks to succeed everywhere GT failed.

First off, they fix the major problem with GT that cause it to suck so much. It's not the Goku show. Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, and even the non-Saiyans get shine in Super. They also fixed the weird choice to have everyone stop training except Goku.

Secondly, Super is only 60+ episodes in and has already given us classic moments/battles. Goku using Kaioken on top of Super Saiyan Blue had me running around my apartment with joy. Not to mention Future Trunks and Goku fighting side by side in another memorable battle.

Now, Gohan is still very much a disappointment, much to my dismay, but Super has the right idea with everyone else. The battles, the moments, the energy is all there and doesn't look to be slowing down.

1. Fan Service

Dragon Ball Super is pure fan service. While it doesn't hit everything that we as fans have wanted to see, it does manage to strike plenty off of our lists.

Vegeta is on par, if not stronger, than Goku. Future Trunks comes back and it's explained how he handles Buu in his era. Shit, man, Goten and Trunks even attempt to square up with Frieza.

Trunks does both Final Flash and Masenko. The current arc’s villain, Black Goku, has been a fan's dream since Goku was established as the strongest in the universe. Speaking of that, Goku and the Saiyans are no longer top of the food chain. Hell, they aren't even Top 30 strongest.

Dragon Ball Super is a must watch for any Dragon Ball fan, old or new. Crunchyroll will be subbing the show every Saturday at 10pm. If you don't want to subscribe, animeflavor.com and DragonBallTime.net have the episodes there too for free.

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