New Music: @MouseSucks - JATBAIFG

Toronto-born, Brampton-residing artist Mouse Sucks reminds me of Team DAR studio sessions, circa 2015. There is a lot of goofiness, lots of kidding around, but something awkwardly magical comes out of the blue.

His project, Justatethebootyandifeelgreat (referred to in the title by its backcronym), isn't perfect. The mixes, as they are self-mixed, have a bit of unevenness to them. Additionally, in eating the booty, he loses focus at times. However, the rawness of this project--and its emphasis on sexual energy and the like--is what caught my attention. It's an interesting view into, simply put, fucking and all that entails (not even just the sexual aspect of it, either). The production's dreamy and Mouse can ride a beat pretty well too.

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