New Music: @MikeMelinoe - "Begonia"

From artist rep: 

It might surprise you that a creator of punishingly hallucinatory rap music like Mike Melinoe would name a song "Begonia" after the multicolored flower. The song finds the halfway point between beauty and ugliness, calm and “tension building”- a flower halfway dead. It starts with phrase on bells that starts hopeful and ends in a dirge, courtesy of Bukneu. 

As Melinoe enters, the drums join him, industrial and stuttering like his own twisted flow. On the chorus he repeats "Suicide, take the time/do or die, save a life/ you and I were made to cry/choose a side and restrain to fight/ let’s unify to save a life"--a chant that cycles between the heights and depths of emotion with disorienting rapidity. Mike's verse is spit with a more consistent cadence as the bass drum repeats in a four-on-the-floor pattern- a feeling of coalescing that brings the track together before the chorus rips it all apart again. With this new release, Melinoe highlights how transitory good and bad is, and how everyday is a potent mix of both.

I'm a huge fan of the twist halfway through. Helps you focus on what Melinoe's speaking on. A trippy track that has multiple layers, like the flower it's named after. It feels like something you'd get if you crossed parts of gkmc Kendrick and Cudi together. Check it out below and be sure to let Mike know if you're rocking with it.

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