New Music: @Gucci1017 - "Icy Lil Bitch"

It's funny. The day that I say I'm going to try and remove "bitch" from my vocabulary, Gucci Mane drops a track with the word in the title. Funny how things work. But, my feelings about the title aside, it's Gucci Mane. Either you think it's lyrical genius or you look at it confused. appreciate it. You appreciate the fact that Gucci and Zaytoven are working together. You say "aight, that's what's up" to the fact that the track is pretty catchy and easy to relate to (even with the "bitch" factor). It's a solid re-re-re-re-introduction to the idea of Woptober (if you've missed the other introductions). You can expect an review of that album when it drops next week, as my recent Twitter poll didn't determine whether or not Gucci had bars or nah.

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