New Music: @AlanZMusic - 7 Psycho Cypher

Per Seoulwave's information on the video:

"7 Psycho Cypher" is a play on the 7 deadly sins/virtues and rap cyphers. Using a mix of 7 different instrumentals, 7 different beats from multiple genre's, the artist is tasked with constructing the flow of the track themselves. The 3 instrumentals given by Seoulwave were by Keith Ape, Mamamoo and Outsider, the artist must then choose 4 instrumentals on his own and in return relate them to 1 of the 7 Seven Sins or 7 Virtues. Can you guess which sins correspond to which song? This will be a monthly series. First up is recording artist from Atlanta, Alan Z

Now, I've known Alan Z for a minute. I first got in contact with him through an artist by the name of Steve Omari who said Alan could sing. I never knew he had bars. So, when I heard him straight spitting on this in the vein of folks from Eminem to OT Genesis, I knew I had to post this one. So, check it out above and be on the lookout for more Alan Z tracks.

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