New Music: @2Chainz - Hibachi for Lunch

I've always been a 2 Chainz fan, for better or worse. He may have some goofy bars, but he actually can rap. Like Meek, he's got his place in hip-hop. His latest offering, Hibachi for Lunch, shows signs of growth from the former Tity Boi. 

The overall feel of the album kind of feels like Woptober meets B.O.A.T.S. The beat selection is decent, even if some of the tracks sound similar. Lyrically, there are punchlines within the album on the level of "2 Chainzzzzz, a lotta 'Z's' 'cause you niggas sleep." In other words, we get some chuckle-worthy bars, songs that hit musically the way that they're supposed to, and an overall enjoyable project. 

2 Chainz mans a lot of the tracks solo and the collaborative efforts feel like posse cuts versus "oh, let's just slap this mofo on here because he's hot now." A standout track is the Future-aided "Doors Open." Removing a lot of the typical trap trappings (heavy-ass bass throughout, for instance), we're given a somewhat haunting bling blaow burr type of track. However, like DC4, if you're not a 2 Chainz fan, you'll probably gloss over it and say "aight, that's cool. Lemme get back to [insert artist name here]." You won't neccessarily trash it, but you probably won't come back to it unless you're in the turn up mood.

Final Verdict: Stream

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