@FlowsForDays_ Talks @TrvisXX's BITTSM

FlowsForDays.com Founder Julie S. provides SpeedontheBeat.com with her thoughts on Travis Scott's BITTSM.

I've thought about something for a few months now. What is my favorite hip hop album of 2016 (so far)? It’s very hard to make this conclusion as I haven’t listened to everything; but I pride myself on listening to as much as humanly possible. I make it a goal to listen to at least one full album a day, not so much for myself but to stay current on music and become educated on past releases.

There are so many albums I've gone back to in the past eight months, but there is one I have played an un-godly amount of times even though it dropped just over a month ago. Every song has been replayed so much that they are all on my top 25 most-played playlist. The album is, and will probably continue to be, Travis Scott’s Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

When I first heard this album, I was on the Purple Line Express in Chicago. I had just bought a few new pairs of shoes, felt amazing, and wanted to continue that feeling with music. I turned to the new releases on Apple Music and was excited to see the new album from Travis. I enjoyed Rodeo, but I hoped this one would go in a completely different direction. So I hit play and listened to it all in one sitting. I wasn't impressed. Even writing those words now just amazes me. I wasn't worried, though, as it always takes me a few listens to truly grasp a new album. 

The next day, I listened again. I started to get it. These songs were a different caliber, dark but catchy. I’m notorious for only listening to playlists while I’m traveling; I rarely go through full albums. To avoid going through the full project I added "the ends," "coordinate," "biebs in the trap" and ‘goosebumps’ as those stood out to me the most. 

I went to Chicago every day (as I still do) and the songs kept playing through that playlist. They began to sound better and better. After a week or so I decided to make an exception and give the full album a listen. This was quite a different experience than the first time. Travis' distorted voice gave me chills. He sounded absolutely perfect. Andre 3000 blew me away, contributing better than his feature on Frank Ocean's Blonde. 21 Savage actually sounded good. I couldn't believe it. Every feature had its place. 

The project ran through as smooth as butter. When it hit "pick up the phone," (the soundtrack to my summer), I smiled like an idiot. 

A surprisingly key player in the album was Cassie, which gave me great joy. The "SDP interlude" is one of my favorite tracks and Cassie harmonizing with Travis was just a blessing to my ears. Her contribution to "lose" was another winner.

"goosebumps "is probably the most celebrated song on the album which seems to always be the case when Kendrick hops on anything. But, even I agree it’s one of the strongest cuts. Kendrick enters a new dimension and Travis surprisingly keeps up. Production is A1 on the album, thanks to a slew of producers such as Mike Dean, T-Minus, Boi-1da, Nav, Hit-Boy, Cashmere Cat, and of course Travis himself. 

I honestly can't think of a more sonically pleasing album this year. Everything comes together perfectly. The tracks I still have on repeat include "the ends," "coordinate," "biebs in the trap," "goosebumps," and, of course, "pick up the phone." I truly do appreciate the whole project and I play it through more than I listen to individual songs. Birds is light years ahead of Rodeo in quality, replay, and feature choice.

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