New Music: @Kodney - Fuck Boi

From Artist Rep: The fuckboi is a relatable type, the person trying to finesse you so that they can steal your work and profit off of it. K.O.D.'s "Fuckboi" is an ode to this character who can show up in any situation. Over a bass mix of skittering hi-hats and echoing sirens, K.O.D. details two specific sub-species of genus fuckboi. The first type is focused on drug-dealing profits, the one who blows up K.O.D.’s burner with plans and schemes that only seem to help out the fuckboi. K.O.D. has pivoted to music, but "same shit, different trap."

Music is filled with just as many fuckbois as the street. K.O.D.' s response to it all? "No Biggie Smalls cause you know who shot ya." The key to this song, more than the vivid descriptions laid down in intricate rhyme patters, is the cadence on the chorus. K.O.D. repeats "Fuuuuuck boi" in a way that emphasizes the frustration in fuck and the dismissive intent of boi. It finds a way to stick in your head much longer than the annoyance of a fuckboi. Next time you encounter one, you might find yourself chanting along.

Now that's out the way, the track works because of K.O.D.'s aggressive flow and ability to twist words up. Add that in with an equally-aggressive beat, and you've got an anthem on your hands.

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