New Music: @DugeeLFE x @JahBoaz - "Ain't A Thang"

Per Dugee's email to me:

DMV Underground standouts Dugee F. Buller & Jesusgang Ali have collaborated to create the soundtrack to a moving animated visual highlighting the separation between artists/art that promotes positive and negative energies to our people. [This is the] third part of a collection of abstract animated art films directed by Jesusgang Ali.

Dugee and Jesusgang Ali took a plethora of anime clips and laid this smooth "Backstabbers"-sampling track over them to show the disconnection between those providing the art and the art itself. The track itself is one of Buller's best and the choice to use as many anime clips as they did, it makes me smile as a anime nerd and as a fan of abstract imagery. Check the video out below.

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