@xDannyxBrownx - Atrocity Exhibition in 300 Words or Less

Danny Brown's Atrocity Exhibition is a shitshow, and I mean that in a best way possible. Stick with me before you crucify me. From the opening track, "Downward Spiral," two things are known. One, this album is going to take a load of risks, as evident by the Hendrix-esque psychedelic guitar licks applied on the beat and Brown's flow. Two, Danny Brown is at his level. That level is a mix between what you've come to expect from Danny Brown and a willingness to experiment with production, song composition, and the like.

What we, as listeners, get is a look into the psyche of Danny Brown previously unseen. Danny is just as reflective on songs such as "Rolling Stone" as he is accepting of the life he's chosen/choosing. Atrocity is a haunting, realistic, but still, pretty beautifully and unabashedly IDGAF (in some ways) story. The tracks that stand out are the ones that kind of go off the deep end with the production and hard rockstar living, such as "Golddust."

Lyrically, Brown's never been a slouch, and this album continues that. Lyrically and flow-wise, here, he reminds me of some mix between Tech N9ne and Andre 3000. An odd combination, but it works. And it works on a level that allows Brown to still be himself while somewhat channeling legendary artists.

Overall, this is an album that gives us exactly what we want and need from artists such as Danny Brown. We get more of that IDGAF attitude mixed with a lot of risks that work. Why? Simply put, it's because of that IDGAF attitude. Listen to Atrocity Exhibition below.

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