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Title: Rem's Rant: The Power In Fear
Author: Speed ontheBeat
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Fear - an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. The p...
Fear - an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

The power in fear insinuates that as long as you can be forced to act against your own self interests, you can and will be controlled. This go round I offer insight into the makeup of today's culture through suppression of one's subconscious to emulate that of what's seen versus what actually is. I simply wish to shine a light on the prevalence of facade in manifestation of things unreal.

Very rarely do we as a people acknowledge the adverse effects fear has on a multitude of things pertaining to how we're seen and who we may be meant to become. I'd like to take a moment to identify a few of those instances.

Be it mental, physical, emotional or a combination of the three, the invocation of fear has long been an adversary of simply letting down one's "guard" to be the person we hide behind layers. How many times have you felt something that fear has otherwise made you feel ashamed of? Maybe you wanted to say something to someone but didn't know if they would be receptive so the opportunity passed you by. Or my personal favorite, talking yourself out of what you thought you could be because it didn't fit the criteria of what the masses would approve.

Often times we discredit just how much we're capable of sustaining through letting go of (whilst remaining in) hindrances. Though confusing, we disregard one of the few things we wish to be impervious to. Meanwhile the feeling of fear has generated a near imperviousness to forgiveness. How many of us would remain in certain positions that we believed to be conducive had it not been for the fear of another's judgment (Friends, family, strangers, etc.)?

In my opinion, this is the most affected. Fear has been the catalyst to individuals vying to be something they're not for quite some time. The fear of not being accepted has created many liars in my time. Folks afraid to admit that in their own right they are special regardless of what the next person is doing or thinks. The belief that one has to lead a particular life based on age, demographics, societal standard, etc. is the direct culmination of perpetration. In layman's terms, I base who I am off what the world thinks. The fear of being who I want to be.

Last, but certainly not least, fear has jaded the perceptions of people into seeing the world in a way that it may never be TO YOU! In no way are my intentions to promote obscurity or oblivion but taking on the sights of the world in fear of how it's shaped around you can be extremely detrimental. Being cognizant that "the world" may not be "your world" could be the difference in you coloring by numbers and standing out.

Perspective offsets the effects of fear in any forum. Being who you are holds no consequence to where you're going until you blur the lines of believing that anyone but you can stop you. Seeing fear as a singularity can stifle your growth in ways unimaginable if YOU ALLOW IT! Whether it be allowing yourself to feel, forgiving someone for yourself, carrying yourself how you please, or identifying your reality versus what's seen for you, cast away fear and you'll instantly see a difference in what life has to offer.

WE must do away with trying to program our subconscious and let it have its day instead of going along with the programming of our consciousness as the only means of living our lives.

'Til next time...

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