New (to Me) Visuals: @BlueBenjiSleepy feat. Easy - "On the Run"

Baltimore is full of talented artists from all genres and subgenres. I got wind of this track via the folks over at (check 'em out; I used to write for their NotBoomin site). Blue Benjamin Sleepy gives us a video with a story that seems all too familiar (he's a young man trying to get a job but can't because of his he raps and the like to pay the bills). However, what's lacking in so-called "originality" in the story, Benjamin and Easy make it up with a hard look at their situation and the state of Baltimore. Add that on top of an infectious instrumental, a chant-ready chorus, and a dance for the track, and you've got another artist vying to be the next up for Baltimore. Man, it's a great time to be a Baltimore rap fan. Even with the tragic death of Lor Scoota, you've got a bevy of artists stepping up and swinging for the fences, each in a different way from the next.

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