A Mini-Rant about Pokemon Uranium

Perhaps you've heard about this one.

A fan-made Pokemon PC game, dubbed Pokemon Uranium, recently dropped and was downloaded 1.5 million times. It was met with fanfare from the fan circles because of its dedication (it took over nine years to realize this dream), and the fact that it was a pretty solid game (I had a brief interaction with it before the game was shut down; gotta say that it was solid AF). Of course, because Nintendo, the game got shut down.

Am I upset that Pokemon Uranium was killed off? No. The creators knew what they were doing and removed it before the game got them sued out the ass. It's solid AF and will, don't hate me for saying it, probably live on in Torrent heaven. However, I am a bit saddened for the creators because of the work they put into making an accurate-to-the-gills version of Pokemon on PC.

I'm not a PC gamer. And I know that Nintendo doesn't really like to put its games out on non-Nintendo systems. But, seriously, guys! There's a market for Pokemon on other consoles that don't feature Mario. Am I calling for a Final Fantasy-level Pokemon on PS4? Nah, not really. It'd be cool, however, baby steps, guys. With that said, I'd love to see some Pokemon games on other consoles. Pokemon Go, with all its glitches, is a step in the right direction. There's a market and, because Nintendo is smart, it'll probably be realized.

Pokemon on more non-Nintendo systems. The thought of it alone makes me giddy. So, as a nerd, I've only one thing to say. Make it happen, for real. Either that or give the Pokemon Uranium folks a job so they can do it for you. Cool? Cool. I mean, if Ash/Satoshi may eventually win a Pokemon League tourney, anything's possible, right?

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