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Title: Rem's Rant: 4:02 AM
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Racing thoughts, no sleep. It had been that way for weeks. I struggled finding a topic this go round folks. Very honestly, it took me a mont...
Racing thoughts, no sleep. It had been that way for weeks. I struggled finding a topic this go round folks. Very honestly, it took me a month and a half to realize I had a plethora of things to talk about once I started living my truth again. And yes, I understand that "again" implies quite a bit. But, I'll save that for later. The most important thing here is that I've grown as a writer and as a man in said time. 

Truth to me is a fleeting concept in that many desire it but very few live it. Freedom is also just as fleeting while correlating to an element of truth that's often ignored. How? You may ask...Freedom is life's greatest lie in that we were all free from birth by definition whilst craving the subjugation that's ushered us and the generations coming into such chaos. 

What does it mean to be free? 

What does it mean to live a truth?

Being free isn't turning a blind eye to what's going on in front of us rather understanding one's self enough to recognize where you can be of use. Being free isn't just "free speech," but the cognizant mindset that you CANNOT be enslaved in any form of fashion unless you welcome it. Freedom is total control of one's self, the discipline it takes to sometimes choose yourself selfishly without warranting. Understanding that even in the midst of turmoil, it is YOU (outside of your respective higher power) who does indeed have the final say in all matters pertaining to you. 

Relinquishing control is the equivalent to voluntary servitude. I, for one, believe we're far beyond mental encapsulation as a means to perpetuate slavery. But we've all been sold conditional freedoms for so long that we, the "oppressed" have accepted certain forms of bondage as prerequisites to peace. Which directly explains the importance of being a living truth. 

Truth is unwavering, planted firmly, and cannot be moved by anything outside of it. Truth cannot be controlled, subjective, or tampered with. Actually the only thing truth can be is objective to all things not. It's often met with confrontation as the only opposition rooted deep enough to put an end to all the chaos. 

But to some, this is nothing more than exhausted digression and to those I challenge you to really look beyond the surface. Understand that nothing anyone does is because of you specifically and live your life accordingly. Imagine that, Your existence not tied to that of anyone else at all. This is "True Freedom" formed from the ideology of independent individuality. You think, you act, and you live solely based off what's in the best interest of what YOU want to do. 

Freedom is created in many forums whilst truth is selfishly unwavering. Peace cannot exist without chaos...but chaos cannot exist without oblivion. Live YOUR truth, be free.

Next time, folks. 

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