New (To Me) Music: @itsLovelMusic X @FettyWap - The Move

LoVel is a New York-based R&B artist. About a year ago, he released his Backseat Memories EP to some pretty solid buzz. Since then, he's been keeping busy, mainly working on songs such as the one we're featuring today.

His newest visuals, "The Move," feature him and Fetty Wap figuring out motives, intentions, and desires of a woman they're pursuing. Simple premise, right? Well, yes. But what wins me over with this song is the fact that LoVel's got a smooth voice. That, when added to the fact that Fetty's vocals and verse just feel right on this type of track, makes for a sensual little ditty. So, check it out below and, as always, let the artist(s) know what you think of the track.

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