New Music: @BigKRIT - "I/XII (That Part) Freestyle" & "II/XII (Country Niggas Anonymous) Freestyle"

Any K.R.I.T. is good K.R.I.T.

Any K.R.I.T. is going to get played until the cows come home.

Any K.R.I.T. (officially released by K.R.I.T, because fuck that fake album people put out; he didn't cosign it) is probably going to get posted on

These are some mottos I live by. If that makes me a fanboy, screw it. I'll cape for Krizzle. Anyway, he's dropping 12 freestyles in twelve hours. Hopefully, this means we're getting a new album soon. Even if that's not the case, twelve in twelve is a dope concept. Now, lemme shut the hell up and let Krizzle speak.

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