SpeedontheBeat.com Premiere: @Punskription X @LexRush13 - "Three Words"

I'm loving the alternative vibes on it. It's party-sensible while still being on some empowerment stuff. If you're unaware, Lex Rush (featured on both this site and on my 2015 release Baltimore Commercial Break) recently teamed up with fellow New York electronic hip-hoppers Punskription, specifically founder P. Cruz. The duo's first track, "Three Words," is a pretty defiant song. Telling systemic oppression to go perform cunnilingus is always a great way to both tell the system to get off your case while...nope, not going there. It's still early. Back to the song, it's bouncy, it's abrasive and rude, it's a song that has breakdowns within it that are just...amazing. 

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