New (To Me) Visuals: @Bumpy103 - Shot For Shot

Just got this one in my inbox. In a throwback to the days when folks like Juelz Santana ran the airwaves, Bumpy103's "Shot For Shot" feels vintage and familiar. It's that familiarity that lets the 103rd Street Ent. rapper pull you in, just as his short one-take tracking shot does within the video. My only qualms with the track and/or video are the fact it takes almost 30 seconds before Bumpy starts rapping (I still do this, at times, so I can't bitch too much about it) and a few shots feel a bit unneeded (like the jerky backing-out shot around 1:10 after the cameraman zooms in on the bottle Bumpy's sipping on). Overall, though, the track should push you towards its parent project, Street Life Vol 4: Blood Moon Tetrad.

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