New (To Me) Music: @DskillzHarris x @DevonsMusic - "Can I Kick It?"

The loss of hip-hop legend Phife Dawg, in a year of many legendary losses, still stings for me. I mean, I grew up listening to Tribe and (even though it's not as pronounced as some of my influences) I've been influence by Phife's flow and aura. So, whenever I hear a tribute to the man, I've got to give it a listen.

Today's tribute song comes from Dskillz Harris and Devon of Baltimore-based hip-hop outlet DownByLaw. "Can I Kick It," a cypher-esque jam inspired by ATCQ, is produced by Estonian producer Jasperino, who's a teenager dropping some sick lo-fi beats (and you know how much I love the lo-fi). The duo of Dskillz and Devon deliver some pretty nice bars over this chilled-out production. Not to get all reminiscent and whatnot, but the whole style reminds me of how Drizzle Sez, Ikey and I used to go in our freshman year in college. A bit timid, youthful, but still hard-hitting when we needed to be. Check the track out below and be on the lookout for Dskillz' upcoming Skillzmatic project from the nineteen-year-old Baltimore native.

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