New (To Me) Music: @BrownBoiMaj - "Broke Boi"

So, quick show of (digital) hands. How many of you, intrepid readers, are (and I assume this is still a "trendy" thing to say) "caked up?" Ok. Cool Now, how may of you, intrepid readers, are struggling (even if it's just a little, with that "good ass job") and are constantly trying to figure out if you should go out for that bomb-ass, expensive-ass dinner or use that to try and see if you can save it to move elsewhere? 

...thought so. Well, this song's for you. A hilarious-yet-truthful track (and video), Arizona native BrownBoi Maj takes us through what it's like to be a "broke boi" while trying to gett off with someone who's probably expecting something a bit less...broken. Check out the visuals below.

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