New Music: @werlumr - "Frustrated"

I found this one, hilariously enough, while perusing through SubmitHub for some places to send out "Se Roquel" to. See how the world works, guys? You look out for yourself, but because altruism is a thing, you stumble upon something dope as hell along the way. So, anyway, before this gets too "hey, I make music too," R.LUM.R is a Nashville-based artist who I can only describe as "hey guys! Imagine what'd happen if you mixed The Weeknd with some Miguel with a teeny bit of 'that Empire guy' and shake it up for the world to see."

The guy has a chilling (in a good way) falsetto, is lyrically equal parts distant and desirable (just like those two names I mentioned), and has a solid ear for production. After hearing "Frustrated," I checked out the rest of his Soundcloud. And...yeah...he's definitely got something good going here. Check out "Frustrated" below.

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