New Music: @TrueGodImmortal - Soul Revival 3

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Team DAR founder and my brother True God dropped his final Soul Revival album (and possibly his last album ever), Soul Revival 3 recently. A double album in theory, the 20+ track album goes through the life and times of True God, giving us all facets of True (revolutionary, coy, playful, sexual, etc.) in a package that allows listeners to see why some are bubbling about the Baltimore native. 

I'm usually not a fan of many double albums, but it works here. Each half represents a different shift in emotion, activity, mentality, etc. As a fan of his music, it's a must-listen. And yes, I'd say that even if True was some random (I don't do nepotism; if you're fam, that's all the more reason to call your music out if it sucks). Instead of doing a long review, I'll say this. Go stream it. Now. You'll thank me later.

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