New Music: @BlackTonyRomo - The Back Door

Billz The Young One done effed around and got pissed. That's really the only way you can describe The Back Door. I guess he got tired of getting Jazz'd by listeners and whatnot and decided to stand up to the Banks family and say "alright, I know it gets the laughs. But, for the last time. Stop treating me like just some random. You know me!"

The project, while mostly remixes of industry beats, shows some versatility, as Billz switches from double-time to that slowed, syrupy flow. Lyrically, he's spitting that real. The sequencing, however, is a bit awkward, since the "outro" comes right after the intro. Although, for real? It actually works better for it to be placed here versus after the de facto outro "Cam Newton." Check it out below.

Update: I spoke with Billz; he let me know that the "Outro" serves as the actual intro, as it's a play on words regarding Jazz always getting tossed out the house. Additionally, "Intro" and "Outro" were slated to be one track, "Outro." But because shit happens, the tracks got split as we have them here now.

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