New Music: baby.daddi (@ye_ali, @tommygenesisxxx and @wesperiod) - baby.daddi EP

So, remember when I told you about T.E.A.O and his L.A. Nights beat EP (and how the track "City Nights" was slated to be used on the debut EP from baby.daddi)? Well, the baby.daddi EP finally dropped over the weekend. The T.E.A.O.-produced track, "All That I Want," is, in a word, sexy. In three, it's sexy as hell. But, the rest of the project, featuring production from Chuck Inglish, ESTA, and O.txoa (as well as b.d. member Wes Period), is pretty sexy as well.

But, on top of being sexy, it's the perfect type of music you need for these summer months. It clings to you like a sweat-soaked tee, while still being refreshing like that first dip in the pool. It makes you want to partake in your freaky side, but also kind of makes you want to just lay up in the A/C somewhere and chill. All in all, it's a dope project full of moments to introduce you to each band member (if you haven't been introduced already). No track overstays its welcome. In fact, they keep you wanting more, just like a sno-cone on a sweltering August day.

Have my weather analogies gotten through yet? It's hot--and cool. Go check it out above.

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