Rem's Rant: "Black Man"

"The presence of all colors, my black brothers are the pinnacle of what it means to be King"

Why do you love black man?
Who do you love black man?
What do you stand for black man?
When should you fight black man?
Are you the head black man?
What pushes you black man?

Do you love as a means to hide the pain of oppression over the generations or is it because you see it as a tool to unite worlds? Do you love to take advantage, to steal the heart of your queen, or see it as just a gateway to counteract the opposing fear of loneliness?

Do you stand as means to be more than just representational? What do you stand for black man? Do you fear standing tall to avoid the feeling of being cast out? Or do you stand firm & fight back against your oppressors to prove your worth?

Who are you black man? Are you a king or a jester? A conquerer or a destroyer black man? God shaped us in his image so why haven't YOU figured it out black man? Who were enslaved, murdered, criticized, & oppressed BLACK man? Still not getting it? YOU are God, black man. God is you! YOU were shaped in his likeness because he knew what you could bear black man! Does this not push you black man? You are great black man! YOU ARE beautiful black man. & most importantly, nothing in this world moves without us, BLACK MEN!

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