#550WordsorLessReview: @NatureBoiMusic - #SPRNTRL

Today marks the release of Nature Boi's #SPRNTRL ("Supernatural") project. The Dope Music Village member steps from outside of the boards and beats to provide listeners with this ten-track project. We’re going to extend our limit to 550 words today.

The project starts off with "New Niggas," a boisterous--yet airy--track that introduces Nature to those who've either doubted him or are unaware of him. He's got some pretty solid punchlines littered throughout this proclamation. It’s a standout track, for sure.

Next up is "Uhh." This track, per my interview with him, was the result of him using a beat crafted the day before his mom passed as an outlet for him to vent about life after the loss of his mother. “Somebody (Vibin)” takes that energy to the left and gives us a track where Nature contemplates interacting (read: fucking, not loving) with a woman who’s got a man while on another level, since she makes him feel different. I swear, these situations are the worst. I identify with this one, since back in the day, a young SOTB went through similar situations. I fucking love the instrumental on this track (and the way it comes back in around the 3:45 mark).

After “Somebody,’ we’re given “Jada & Styles,” the boombap Nature Boi/Brain Rapp collabo. For more thoughts on this track, check out thispost on it. After “Jada,” Nature and Jon Doe “Cracked My Screen.” It’s a trippy, albeit slightly standard, trap-influenced track. The instrumental and conviction on this one keep me intrigued by what Nature and Doe’ll say next. “Ironic” is a track that’s equal parts reflection on life’s craziness—and how Nature deals with the fuckery and negativity—and turn-up. Nature’s references to his mother, to me, showcase that, even though he’s hustling on some levels, he’s still trying to process and adjust to his mother’s passing.

However, he knows that he can’t waste opportunities. This is how we get to “Len Bias.” This one’s a track named after the late Terps legend that hammers home the point that there’s “nothing worse than wasting talent.” I love the jazz-meets-“Think” break (though it sounds more like the “It Takes Two” flip) instrumental on this one.

From “Len,” we go into “Never Have I Ever,” a song that’s somewhat like “Lookin’ Ass Nigga” for 2016. Ezko comes in to drop a solid guest verse that shifts the energy to set up the Jake Sinatra-aided “Trap-O-Lean.” The spooky trap-influenced beat allows Nature and Sinatra to turn the fuck up. Lyrically, it’s more fun to hear these two together versus either straight murking on the beat.

Our outro, “SPRNTRL High,” begins with some atmospheric synths, leads into an audio clip, and kicks in when Nature starts rapping. The track, though it sounds light, is a very dark, but darkly beautiful, track. It deals with Nature dealing with his pain in some pretty shitty ways and his desire to, sometimes, leave it all behind even though he knows he can’t waste his chances (thus his “SPRNTRL Highs”).

Nature’s first venture in front of the mic shows a lot of versatility. I wanted more out of tracks like “Trap-O-Lean,” though. However, overall, it’s a solid debut for the Maryland native.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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