Will the Warriors Hit 73?

Since there can't be enough Warriors pieces, let's throw my hat into the ring again with a quickie because clickbait makes the world go 'round, amirite? However, stick with me. I'm not just going to parrot off some rando-ass ESPN talking head. That's not my style.

The Golden State Warriors, in the final game of the season, are set to face the Memphis Grizzlies and go on to claim the regular season record for most wins in a season. But, will it happen? Will Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors fulfill their destiny? Will the Grizzlies just become a footnote in history after having a solid regular season? Will they set another record this year to go along with their insane amount of three-pointers made? Can we just skip Wednesday's game, watch some Empire, SVU, Underground and/or Broad City (all excellent choices, by the way), knowing that, by not watching, we're avoiding an inevitable event?

Seriously, though...the Warriors, in the previous matchups against Memphis, have either eked out a win or thoroughly fucked their shit up. With Memphis playing the Clippers tonight and Golden State tomorrow, it's all but assured that Golden State's going to walk away with this one. I like Memphis, and Vince Carter deserves one last hurrah. But, unless he gets cut by Memphis and signed by Golden State in a little under 36 hours, it ain't happening on Wednesday.

Photo Note: From 2009.

Now, the fun part. How many points could Golden State win by? I feel that the answer to that question is simple. When you're playing with a team with Steph Curry and company, it's almost assured that you're going to win. When it comes to how much...the answer is: as many points as they damn well please.

I'm not counting out the Grizzlies, but...I'm kind of counting out the Grizzlies. So, if you're looking for some competitive ball tomorrow, remember this. While the Warriors barely won against Memphis last week, they lost to the Spurs earlier in the season...then beat them back-to-back the last two games they'd squared up. Good luck, Grizz. You're gonna need it.

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