Sean Davis Will Succeed in the NFL

Photo Credit: USA Today and Testudo Times

As a Maryland graduate, I always keep my eyes and ears open for prospective Terps in the "major leagues." I don't do as well of a job as I could (I sometimes slack on keeping up with Terps who have MLB prospects, but that's usually because there are so many prospects in general). But, I love my Terps. So, when I saw the Draft Buzz Maryland DB Sean Davis received, I was happy.

I mean, while he was never the most-consistent player at Maryland (man, he got burned quite a few times...such as against Bowling Green), he played with a lot of heart, versitility and raw talent. To quote the late, great NFL 2K series..."you can't coach that." But, what you can manage is his raw talent and ability to play various positions. NFL coaches love players who are solid, but still possess a wide variety of "coachability," even if you can't coach someone being faster than...I don't know, something fast that doesn't sound cliched. On top of that, the guy's a tackling machine, becoming the first Terp since D'Qwell Jackson in 2005 to notch 200 career tackles. So, he may not be "elite," but he's definitely no slouch.

Additionally, Davis is still pretty fast, even if he can get beaten on a route. His main issue, especially last year, was communication problems. If he can get over that hurdle, I see Sean Davis doing pretty well for himself in the NFL. Current projections have him going in the 2nd or 3rd round and I wouldn't mind seeing him in purple and black (or even burgundy and gold), since he's local. But, local nepotism(?) aside, he's going to be fine.

Let's just hope NFL scouts and GMs learn from the Stefon Diggs situation. God, I hope they learn...

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