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Title: Rem's Rant: The Balloon Theory
Author: Speed ontheBeat
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I would like to start off by apologizing for the delay of this post. It took some experiencing to be able to convey to you in explicit detai...
I would like to start off by apologizing for the delay of this post. It took some experiencing to be able to convey to you in explicit detail just what my "Balloon Theory" is. Although it's nothing more than representational, it's directly geared towards the constant and daily struggle with what we have all been programmed to believe from an early age. So, no, this is nothing more than a exploitation of ignoring our subconscious. As children, how do we feel about balloons? What do they mean to us? Are they actually anything more than something to look at? Is it anything more than the fascination of what gravity has no effect on? Or is it that we’re so enticed by how something so meaningless meant so much to us as children. It’s a fucking piece of rubber that you fill with air. How much can that really mean?

Well, here’s the interpretation:

When a balloon flies away, where does it go? Fact would tell us that a balloon penetrates different atmospheres until it eventually runs out of air and falls from the sky. That’s what we know. But, more figuratively and philosophically speaking, we have no fucking clue. And, as children, how long does that really bother us? No one’s ever cried because they lost a balloon because it took absolutely nothing to replace it. And for the daredevil in some of us, sometimes, we let it go voluntary just to see where it goes whilst never breaking the stride of the normal day to day thinking about where it would end up. It is that would-be daredevil in me that’s prompted me to shine a light, so to speak, on why we, as adults, have ignored what we have all been programmed to do: the art of letting go!

Over the course of this post I’ll be covering a plethora of different topics or “balloons” if you will, that we may have a hard time letting go. I would like to formally thank the artistic genius and hometown homie, Joccy Baker for the forthcoming art attached to this post. Being blessed to have a multitude of directions to pull inspiration from through visual expression in my opinion is essential to a creative process. So as the paintings inspire me, I shall cover just how they correlate to what we have a struggle parting with.

First up is one of my personal favorites and what I believe to be a commonality for us all. Letting go of temptation is vital for the sole reason that it is used as a diversion. Something there to take you away from your immediate focus for personal pleasure. When is the last time you felt organically tempted? Or even, the last time you walked into a room and said “oh wow, the temptation is so thick, I could cut it with a knife.” Corny, I know, but it's an atmosphere orchestrated to be a distraction and it always tends to come in the form of everything you could ever want. Why else would it be so tempting?

Also something commonly held onto, I’m sure some of you are wondering what the hell inhibitions are. I am in no way, shape, or form intending to insult anyone’s intelligence who may already know where I’m going with this but for my people that don’t care for the dictionary, it's simply a feeling that makes one self conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way. So in layman's terms, whatever is keeping you from being the best you.

The more obvious and apparent of all the balloons and third on my list. I believe that it is just as pivotal as the aforementioned two. We all have toxic situations that we need to let go but have you actually stopped think about how love really works? It's the one emphasized emotion among them all that we feel that we’re supposed to hold on to. I am “supposed” to own this love that is meant to be given away…There lies the problem, the contradiction itself that says “I can hold onto what’s meant to be given away."

Love is the one balloon that is meant for the daredevil in you. It's the one that as a child you let go when your mother isn't looking just to see how high it would go knowing that she would be upset. But seeing something fly so high and freely was worth the anger wasn't it? The one you never cried over because you knew it could be easily replaced. Love can be replenished but how can that be so if not for being depleted first.

Are you following me yet?

“He who buys more than he needs steals from himself.” It's pretty self-explanatory.

What seems to be the heaviest of the balloons is still just a balloon nonetheless. Perception has forced us to believe that stress is heavy enough to crumble beneath. But, even this is voluntary when factoring in the likelihood of something you create controlling you. Stress has everything to do with what we are receptive to meaning it can only get to you if allow it...henceforth, why we must not ignore just what we are capable of doing to ourselves.

Self Doubt: 
Make no mistake, every figurative balloon comes in two forms and life’s lesson is in you being able to decipher which is what. The two forms of balloons are “indoor and outdoor." The outdoor balloon represents all the things we both consciously and self consciously let go of without the intention of ever seeing again. Meanwhile, the indoor balloon represents the control we wish to have over things that need to inevitably be let go of.

Can you guess which of the two is more difficult to let go of? The control of the indoor balloon is parallel to the concept of insanity. The balloon’s sole purpose to ascend is hindered by our need to let it go but remain in our possession. Even as we watch the balloon lose air it never loses its intended purpose, so why are we selfishly impeding that? Whether it's a debt, an insecurity, an ex, or the mass’ opinion if you treat these things as nothing more than a balloon needed to be let go, it's impossible for them to weigh on you.

For more on the theory, follow the hashtag #TheBalloonTheory on social media.

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