Japanese producer TOYOMU crafts his own TLOP

Hat tip goes out to Anthony Fantano, the Internet's busiest rap nerd, for introducing this eclectic mix of "whoa" into my life. So, as you may know, TIDAL isn't available in every country yet (it's like Deezer in that way, except probably going to see a worldwide release). Because of this, people in countries such as Japan can't stream TLOP. When that sort of thing happens, you get people trying to piecemeal the album together through leaks and streams. Usually. Producer TOYOMU decided to go a step further and create his own TLOP, complete with a Japanese-language version of "I Love Kanye" and a recreation of "No More Parties in L.A." that's equal parts ingenious and creepy, mainly because of its use of speech-generating device-like elements. 

The whole album plays like MissingNo. decided to drop something to break the internet with. And that's not a bad thing at all. As a purveyor of trippy production and DIY approaches to this music thing, I applaud it. As a guy who likes some tasty jams, I say "check it out."

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