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Title: Rem's Rant: The Root of Womanizing
Author: Speed ontheBeat
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"A man is related to all nature. -Ralph Waldo Emerson This vile, lecherous, and manipulative creature is God's test to women disto...
"A man is related to all nature.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

This vile, lecherous, and manipulative creature is God's test to women distorted by Satan's influence. The user, abusing the very essence of what it means to be a woman for personal gain. The lesser "man" judged based upon his methods of "consolation" with his counterpart. But in the eyes of whom?

Society's double standard has dictated two things to today's mind;

  1. A man who seeks betterment through abusing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual forums of a woman is to be praised in the eyes of the ignorant.
  2. Women as a whole should seek empowerment through sole independence & emancipation from the male species.

But things couldn't be any more wrong. Deeply-rooted within the man who uses women for any sort of gain lies a child. Not just any child--as we've come to cast out any man lacking the maturation matching his age instead of experience--but a scorned child. A hurt child, not seeking a crutch or a future dictated by a past but a present lacking absolution. A child right now without closure for past transgressions is what breeds this type of man. The underlining question becomes; At what point does this man set aside his yesterday for a today that's conducive to a better tomorrow?

Which brings about the elephant in the room disguised as the follow-up question; How does one pursue a needed past resolution to seek a present change? In most instances the first line of vision is set on this man's family situation. Immediately turning a focus to the relationship this man has with his mother, a mother is a young boy's first example of what coming women will or won't be. How she adapts to circumstance be it man, finance, emotion, or simple everyday life. The most important aspect to focus on is how she deals in emotion in correlation to man. This will set the bar as to how this young boy perceives women.

  1. Was his mother used?
  2. Was she inclined with mental fortitude?
  3. & in the event that she ever fell, was she able to recover in a way that promotes strength?

But, this is where things turn.

The root word here is "WOMAN." So, I'll ask that you go back in this post and replace the word man with woman. (his to her and he to she) You see there can be no womanizing mindset for a man without first the weak mindset of a woman. A man is related to all nature and in his nature is the entitlement stating that he is the head. And, although a woman should be submissive (in some aspects) she can and must be strong. Womanizing was a sentiment created by stronger women looking down on the lesser of them oppose to uplifting them and keeping them oppressed. A man can be hurt from prior circumstance dating back as far as his childhood BUT as a strong woman you have been blessed with the ability to uplift him through avoiding settlement. Teach that boy striving to be man that things not promoting the process of progress will not be tolerated.

Womanizing no longer only pertains to the ways men use women but also the ways women avoid teaching men.

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