New Music: @BigKRIT - So Bad

Big K.R.I.T has a habit of dropping music when no one expects it and instantaneously makes listeners want more (as a disclaimer, I am a pretty big K.R.I.T fan. So, for me, whenever I get some new Krizzle, I tell all the world and wait with bated breath for the new album/mixtape). Fanboyisms aside, this track is exactly what I needed after taking some time off to commemorate the one year anniversary of my mom's death. The track serves as a continuance of the energy from November's It's Better This Way.

The two-part track features that soul-sampling goodness we've come to know K.R.I.T. for, but does so in a way that still feels brand new. Perhaps it's the double flip that feels like Kanye went down south for a couple years in the early 2000s mixed with, well, K.R.I.T. sensibilities. Released as a celebration of the fifth-year anniversary of R4, it makes me want some new K.R.I.T. in my rotation "so bad."

Yes, I went there. So what? It also makes me remember yesterday as a day of greatness, even in the face of sadness.

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