New Music: Adam Antium - #IGnoEverything EP

As a purveyor of tasty jams, I'm always looking for the next new artist who takes risks and excels at what they do. While Drizzle and I didn't discover The Weeknd, we both knew that he'd take off like Sonic the Hedgehog with a supersonic ballistic attached to his back (and told people around us about it). So, unlike some folks, I listen to every submission I get. While they don't always get a post, I do listen; never know when that random e-mail will contain the next big thing.

This one grabbed me, though, mainly because of its concept.

DMV-born, Miami-residing artist Adam Antium hit my inbox (h/t @Jahfariibeads) with this four-track EP entitled IGnoEverything. A take on the "I know everything" verse from Kendrick Lamar's "Momma," the EP delves into the verse in a pretty unique way, with each instrumental reflecting a certain aspect of the verse. It's a project that's better heard than reading me talk about it, to be honest. So, check it out.

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