#HipHop4Flint DC This Saturday

Per WillRap4Food:

This Saturday, March 19th, 52 cities around the world, including Washington, DC, are joining together for a day of global unity in solidarity with Flint, Michigan in response to the ongoing water crisis. HipHop4Flint was organized by Queen Yonasda (Min. Farrakhan's granddaughter) to collectively raise funds to buy home water filters for at least 500 households. This historic event will be livestreamed on several websites, and covered by national press. Please post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr, and text to your friends. Together we can bring out a crowd that generates an exponential donation.  
For more details, please visit hiphop4flint.com and be sure to donate to WillRap4Food. They do some really great things for the community at large.

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