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Title: Rem's Rant: Five Rappers Who Need to Hang It Up
Author: Speed ontheBeat
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Introduction From the Writer:  Feels good, ah yes, feels good. What, you ask? The ability to take my analysis on music and apply it ...
Introduction From the Writer: 
Feels good, ah yes, feels good. What, you ask? The ability to take my analysis on music and apply it to everyday life. This article is meant to feature 5 rappers in my opinion that need to hang up the mic. I'm pretty sure in your mind you've probably already formulated another question: Who the hell is this guy and why should we care?

Well allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jeremy. Everyone calls me Rem. I'm sure you can figure out why and if not this article is not for you. I'm not here to argue bias. Rather I’m here for fact, disguised as opinion, the most unpopular of opinions but here's where I thrive. I'm 24 years old from the East Side of Baltimore City, born and bred. I come from a single-parent home with two elder siblings & to my dismay no father in sight.

This should give you a sense of my need for substitution. Maybe it’s the malignant narcissist in me to feel like I shouldn't go without but if everyone else had a dad then I had to have something to fill that void.
My affinity for music comforted me. From songs like “Ex-Factor" to "Summer Rain” back to "Lady,” and fast forward a few years later to the excitement has encapsulated me to this day.

Hip-hop and all its joys, wonders, disgraces, and downright fails has kept me occupied for the better part of my existence. I hope that's enough to make my writing credible but if not, who gives a fuck? I'm writing on a platform now.

So, here goes. In my opinion, the five guys that have not contributed to current hip-hop enough to be granted the privilege of gracing the microphone are as follows:

#5. Quentin Miller

Random I know, and probably even more irrelevant. But what the focus in this spectacle betwixt rap poster boy Aubrey Graham and bottom dweller-turned-MMG lieutenant Meek Mill has drawn this near no one into the middle of a cat fight. The importance isn't why but when Quentin should start and stop rapping. I mean honestly this has nothing to do with Quentin, he's an incredible artist.

But the underlying suspicion that he's a ghostwriter of some sort has raised a bit of interest. Enough interest to delve deeper into his catalog of music. Now we've all heard the reference tracks (“Know Yourself,” “10 Bands,” etc.), but surprisingly that's not the most shocking. Just listening to "Hey, Thanks A Lot 3" has left me feeling as if Mr. "QM" has indeed wrote more than just a few catchy, whilst still commercial, hits for Drake. It's hard to say who's copying who. But I don't see the purpose of indulging in that versus the fact that these two guys really sound like the same person. From the flow switches to the adlibs to the bad notes that run on and on and on, it's obvious that someone is a carbon copy of the other. And considering this isn't Kobe and Jordan, there is no need for comparison. Drake's accomplishments stand alone and his greatness has long been solidified.

Quentin hasn't even been so much as mentioned in anything other than the front album credits of Drake's album (henceforth QM). We never even got a whole name before this nonsense so the fact that he is rapping now raises the question, why? In a beef where we want Drake to win, why is Quentin releasing bodies of work and adding more fuel to the fire…just to say "I'm dodging interviews" or even further to aid in Drake's defense? To me there's just a lot of fence-straddling from the captions that say "the ghostwriter told me" to the fact that Quentin really calls Atlanta “The Six.”

Confusing isn't it? But for all this confusion, IG posts and half-ass diss records? It would simply do Drake more of a justice in his onslaught of Meek (more on him later) if Quentin disappears for a while.

#4. Jay Z

Oh no, can you hear them?

Here come the stans to come for my unholy heart for blasphemy against the One True and Living God MC. I'm sorry I'm not sorry but from a young middle school kid taking the 44 bus to school bumping "Can't Knock the Hustle" to the intellectual you see today still relating to songs like "Coming of Age,” "Song Cry" and "Politics as Usual,” I think I speak for everybody when I say “where the fuck did Hov go?”


Now, I mean I know the goal is to get out of the hood & get rich. But, we're talking probabilities, possibilities, chances, my nigga! And to a young bull from the East Side of Baltimore I have to ask.

Who the fuck is Jay talking to on "Picasso Baby?

Yes we want our women to be Bey. But the reality of the situation is ain't none of these chicks ever really ready. And for as long as it took her, my chick don't look like Halle Berry. So, again, who's he talking to? As a disclaimer, we take pride in our women's beauty. But c’mon son—read this with the meanest Ed Lover face—how many of us have a Beyoncé at home?

Of course, the consolation is that Jay's 46. But how many 46-year-olds are still touching the mic trying to reach the same demographic with rich bars?! I thought the objective was to walk it, not talk it. But hey this is hip-hop. Yes we will always acknowledge him as one of the greats. But what separates him from Eminem is what we've all known & that's that the white man ain't never had to talk about what he has. & considering we know Hov has more than us it's time to stop picking up the mic and reminding us.

#3. Fabolous

What do I say about this ass clown? 

Two platinum records in almost two decades as a "top tier” artist? HOW? I’ve gotta admit because I refuse to lie to my audience, this is a bit of bias. Why? Only because I hate for rappers of this "magnitude" to pollute the rap game with mediocre punch lines about nothing that have little to no substance. I mean shit! Even at 38, Pusha T is rapping the same dope bars that landed him in the fucked-up position he was in legally & the untimely departure of his twin brother from the Clipse. But, hey! At least we can see the transition, the transition to triumph from those same fucking dope bars to the now-president of G.O.O.D. Music.

But why the comparison?

In my 24 years of living and my abundance of knowledge, I can't think to compare Fabolous' very minute accomplishments as a top-tier artist to anyone but Pusha T musically. No beat breathing or catchy hooks, JUST BARS. How has Fab solidified a place in hip-hop today? Was it Emily on VH1? Is it the NY theme? Is it his fashion sense with the goofy-ass TV jerseys or even his presence on social media? How are you not amazed that none of these things have translated into successful sales?

Granted he has put out mixtapes over the years that would be heralded as classics but how has that even translated to a successful career? I mean, Future did say "ain't no mo’ dipping, dabbing, & hanging around.” And, from where I'm sitting Fab has dipped in sales, dabbed in Jay's pot, and hung around all the right folks to stay relevant. I'm starting to believe his last name should've been Kartrashian. All in all, I think we all wanna know is this:

"Damn homie, in bandanas tied around fitteds you was the man, homie. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO FAB?"

#2. Meek Mill

Speaking of wanting to know, I mean shit. This could've very easily been number one. But, I think even that will surprise you. Do I really need to address the elephant in the room here? Who the fuck doesn't want Meek Mill to stop rapping? Outside of Drake making it tacky to listen to him, even with “War Pain” dropping, how many more bars about bitch ass niggas and Audimars yelled loud enough for Hellen Keller to hear are we going to have to sit through?

Have we not determined the clear winner already? Honestly, how many of us respected Jay constantly jabbing Nas after "Ether" albums later? I'd say, in my opinion, Meek's absence in time is synonymous to the amount of time Jay spent subliminally jabbing Nas after he was already beat. Yes, Meek's silence was alarming but even more alarming is his entertaining of all things not Drake. It's true. We all believed in the nappy braided boy rapping on the corners of Philly streets tearing Reed Dollars apart or even the older more groomed Mill without the "z" after Flamers 3 going into Mr. Philadelphia.

The buzz he amassed going into DC1 was unprecedented. He hit the ground fast…and fell even faster. From oversaturated singles to pointless features, I guess it's true. Pussy does runs the world because in a matter of months, Meek has gone from his girl's tour to cutting diss records under Drake in hotel rooms while she sleeps in the back—hi “War Pain.” So, it goes without saying that Meek's glory days are even further behind him than Ross' past as a correctional officer. Sales have dropped off, interests have dwindled, and attention spans diluted down so low that the only inkling of an interest would be how he can dig himself a deeper hole in which Drake finally finishes him. Time to hang it up, Meek.

#1. Future

Pains me to say this and in such great deal on a platform. But, Hendrix needs to stop fucking rapping. He needs to stop rapping or whatever he calls this Actavis-slurred mumbling he's doing on records. Future is the epitome of quantity over quality. Damn near seven projects in and we are still all stuck on "March Madness.” For those who don’t remember, that was four projects ago!

Future's obsession with being number one in my opinion has casted him far from that top spot. Are we not familiar with the run of 2008? You know where there wasn't a song Wayne wasn't on? By the time Carter 3 and Carter 4 rolled around, Birdman was buying albums just to break even. Now how many of us believe that Future has the potential to be a number one artist again?

No, seriously. I'll wait. Don't let the mixtapes fool you or the tour success. People can't keep up! We can't keep up because we refuse to let go of the records we loved most that were overshadowed by shittier, catchier music.

Thanks to Beyoncé, the consumer has been left with a sense of ADD. What does Beyoncé have to do with Future? Little to nothing and everything all at once. Especially the surprise release, the no date, the “let me keep you guessing so you have a choice but to spend on it, doesn't even mean it has to be quality, you'll just spend because you wanted it, didn't know it was coming, and didn't want to be left out” (Personal note: Hi Rihanna, ANTI sucked by the way. Bye, Rihanna) project.

You just had to have it because you felt like you waited. But make no mistake Future could be a perennial number 1 if he'd commit to his records more…which he obviously has no plan of. I for one can't take any more of the copies and Metro Boomin tags that precede every damn song. Are we not on the brink of exhaustion or not shriveled up and dried out already? Have we not tired of this yet? The need to not put quality into these overtly hyped records. Is this what we've allowed ourselves to be receptive to? I guess we'll see when EVOL drops. But, I personally believe it's TIME TO HANG IT THE FUCK UP!

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